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What should I do if my package has not arrive yet?Updated a year ago

If your package still hasn't arrived yet, don't worry! 

Package shipped by letter - WITHOUT tracking number

  • This type of shipping normally takes longer to arrive. But don't worry, your package is not lost. 
    Normally packages with this type of shipment are delivered between 3 to 15 business days. The delivery time will vary depending on the destination. The further the address is, the further the delay will be. Also, there may be a little extra delay right now due to COVID-19 but don't worry, you will receive your package soon.
    **Please note that it is not possible to track this type of package.

Package shipped with tracking number 

  • My tracking number indicates DELIVERED - Don't worry about it! Sometimes, the carrier changes the status of the parcel even if it has not yet been delivered. We have seen this type of situation and the package is still on the way even though the tracking number indicates that it has been delivered. If the next day the package has still not arrived, we recommend you to contact your nearest post office. If the package still not arrive after 2 or 3 business days, please contact us to [email protected]. We will create an investigation with the carrier.

  • My tracking number has been showing IN TRANSIT or OUT OF DELIVERY for several days. This is quite normal. Your package is on its way to your home in a carrier and your tracking number will be updated soon. If after several days the status has not changed, please contact us to [email protected]. We will create an investigation with the carrier.

International delivery 

  • My tracking number is not yet active and I have received my shipping confirmation. Don't worry, your package has been sent to our carrier. Tracking numbers for international packages usually take longer to activate. 

Please make sure to enter your shipping information correctly at checkout. Mimi & August is not responsible for package loss or theft if your shipping address is incorrect or incomplete

If you have any questions or if you think your package is lost, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. It will be our pleasure to help you solve this situation!

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